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Nayef Omar AlKalali is a consultant strategist and business owner who’s forte include civil and marine engineering, urban planning and public administration. He is the founder and managing director of Nascom Projects. An alumnus of the Prestigious Concordia University, Canada – Bsc in Civil Engineering, he also has a PGdiploma in Transport Engineering – Newcastle, UK and Innovations in Governance Cert from the Esteemed Harvard University – USA Mr AlKalali is an entrepreneur, author and thinker who firmly believe’ in bridging the gap between possibilities and expectations for his clients. His expertise and talent coupled with his vast experience encompasses various sectors comprising coastal and marine engineering, island projects, roads and transport planning and traffic engineering. As a former undersecretary for Public works – Bahrain, he helped conceptualize many of Bahrain’s high profile infrastructure projects.. He was the Chief Masterplanner for Amwaj Islands,. He was also involved in design and execution of most infrastructure projects during the period of 2002 – 2012. They include highways, strategic projects such as the Bahrain Racing Circuit, King Hamad Hospital, Sports Clubs, Public Schools and sanitary projects to mention a few. His transformational leadership and his ideas have empowered his clients and the nation to create outcomes, greater than imagined – striking a balance between economic and socio-environmental priorities for sustainable urban development in the Kingdom.

Mr AlKalali has amassed unparalleled regional expertise through a career spanning more than three decades. He has served as the vice chairman of the Urban Planning and Development Authority and the deputy chairman of Bahrain’s Tender Board for five years. Previously AlKalali held senior level positions with the Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Environment. His passion for winning and transcending creative boundaries has earned him many accolades and awards. He is the recipient of the Certificate of Achievements from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering in Delft, The Netherlands. He has also won several awards of merit in recognition of his professional expertise and continuous contribution in the field of marine engineering. Mr AlKalali is the author of “Pearls of Wisdom from the Gulf and the Globe” 2011 – a bilingual book of proverbs and a best seller at Virgin Bookstore, Bahrain. His articles have appeared in several business publications such as Gulf Weekly, Construction Week etc. He also is a renowned and invited Public Speaker to many conferences and seminars the world over. Some of which have been as a Keynote Speaker to GCC Coastal Development – UAE, Roads & Traffic Summit – Bahrain – 1st Public Relations Conference- Bahrain.




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