Representative Activities


Administrative office for developing sales of local and foreign companies and establishments.


Office for promoting Bahrain and attracting investments. The services extended in accordance with these activities are as followed:

o General advice related to Government rules and regulations that may be required by a client company provided.

o Early and Up-to-date information provided concerning the Project/Tender to allow timely preparations to be made by the client company.

o Information concerning client requirements and client satisfaction measures provided to the client company.

o We also make our best efforts to render such other services as may be requested by the Company in relation to or in connection with the Project/Tender.

o We further provide reports and advice on the processing of payment application and any delay in payment of money

o Advise on most effective manner of submission of any claims, representation on request for extension of time and securing the issuance of Completion and Maintenance Certificates.

o Advise on release of Performance Bond, Retention Bond, etc.